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Hopewell Baptist Church Summer Camp June 3rd-7th.   Xtreme Life will be going to Panama City Florida.   Summer camp will be for grades 6-12.   This is always the highlight of the summer for Xtreme Life and this summer should be the best year ever.   We have room for over 80 students at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center.   The cost is $300 for the week with a $100 deposit to mark your place. If you are interested in a scholarship please let us know.   There is a high energy week planned.   Pastor Kevin, our new Youth Minister, will be the speaker for the week.  A notarized medical release form is required but our church office has a notary public to help here.  This will be a time to get to know him and our Lord as you embark on a week of faith, food, and fun!!!


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